Delicate jewelry made by hand. Featuring 14-karat solid gold and 18-karat gold plated sterling silver, sparkling crystals, seed beads and semi-precious stones, worn by many celebrities, royalties, fashion personalities, passionate fans and collectors. 

ANNI LU was founded in 2013 by Helle Vestergaard Poulsen, former creative director for a number of Danish fashion magazines. The name ANNI LU is a combination of the two persons inspiring Helle the most: her late mother Anni and her daughter Luella. 

All ANNI LU styles show Helle's great passion for personal style, colours and playful combinations. Signature pieces include tropical styles, good luck charms, personalized initial pendants, ancient coins and a bold use of color. 

ANNI LU is displayed and sold in leading boutiques in Scandinavia and selected stores around the world. Also a darling of the Scandinavian fashion press, with designs appearing regularly in ELLE, COVER, EUROWOMAN, COSTUME and ALT for damerne. ANNI LU has been nominated for awards in the fashion press in both Norway and Denmark.

Helle lives close to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art by the beautiful coast line north of Copenhagen with her husband and their daughter Luella, when she is not travelling the world looking for inspiration.