Hi there, welcome to HI LO.
Made by me, Olivia. I’ve worked in fashion for a long time, and I love it to bits.
As the story tends to go, I had a baby and was very inspired to pursue a platform of my own. I’ve watched and learned over the years and had a strong feeling about what I wanted to put out there.
I knew I had the ability to create high-quality pieces and sell them at a brilliant price (after a decade of experience and amazing suppliers).
And thanks to years of travel and working with so many women, I’d observed and developed a love for a uniform. A select few pieces in your wardrobe that you always go to.
If you’re like me, I want to get dressed quickly – feel empowered and inspired to tackle what lies ahead for the day.
So, I decided to start. Sometimes that is what you have to do – just start.
My first pieces, released in June 2017 are lamb Stretch Leather Leggings and Boyfriend Pants. Premium quality, a perfect fit and the best prices.
I have more styles in work, but am not in a hurry and will stay true to making only what I really believe we need in our wardrobe.
After all of my years in fashion, the most important thing is not to take it too seriously.
Be honest. Don’t be too precious, and make sure you see the fun side.
I’m driven to create feminine, functional clothes you can live in. Drink in, dance, talk, write, travel, go on a date, pick up your kids (even sleep in it if you have to).
I aim to create content that inspires you – not just on how to wear it. Maybe it will inspire conversation or motivation.
All of this is why I do what I do; in my pursuit of a creative life.


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