FIVEUNITS is not just another brand, it is a niche. With the highest level of precision, comfort, and style FIVEUNITS has put a new aspect on fashion, materializing the dream of creating cutting edge design that slips seamlessly into any wardrobe. Whether you want your look polished or provocative, our essentials will convey a sense of paradox, uniting fashion and function as you’ve never seen it before. 

FIVEUNITS has gained huge popularity since its launch in 2008, and was quickly renowned for its perfect silhouettes and effortless style. With a passion for jeans and pants, FIVEUNITS embarked on a journey in a relentless pursuit to combine fashion forward design with perfect functionality. 

This mission was accomplished with a dedicated and experienced design team to create collections of instant solutions to any outfit. We maintain our focus on designing only bottom parts, a strategy which has made us synonymous with comfort, clean shapes, perfect fit. 

Our success is inextricably tied to the satisfaction of our customers, and we remain in close contact with our retailers worldwide, gaining experience and make a perfect translation in to our collections. To ensure the best possible sales for our retailers, we carry an annual NOOS program, as well as a seasonal stock to secure ‘minimum risk, maximum turn over. 

At the FIVEUNITS headquarters in Copenhagen, our vibrant design team continues to create contemporary and flexible styles, paying homage to traditional tailoring as well as embracing modern femininity. Each design springing from a love of detail to raw elegance. 

Apart from our four annual collections, we carry four signature items, which are universally flattering and inspiring. These are our bestselling anchor pieces, cherished by our customers for their enduring design and casual luxury. 

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