Founded in Melbourne in 2018, St.Cloud Label is a statement knitwear brand. With years of experience in the fashion industry, specialising in knitwear, our aim is to bring a mix of interesting, statement knit designs to your wardrobe each season.

Our close connections with yarn mills from around the world enable us to use a wide range of yarn blends. We love to play with texture, stitch and colour. St.Cloud knitwear is all about the detail - each season you will find a small key signature detail in our collection.   

Knit dressing is no longer just to keep you warm during Winter. We are designing knits that can be worn in any climate, all year round. Some people see cones of yarn - we see an endless array of possibilities. Knitwear is not just about sweaters - it's about comfort dressing whether it's knit jackets, dresses, skirts or pants.

St.Cloud is becoming actively involved in producing socially responsible fashion, which means we’ll be introducing elements such as recycled, eco and organic yarns to our future collections. St.Cloud Label is for women around the world that are looking for that little piece of different.

Keep watching to see our collections evolve....

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