Purity, simplicity, authenticity, timelessness.

 These are the foundations for each chapter of the White Story that will unfold and be told.

Through Founder and Creative Director Fiona Myer’s passion for ceramics, architecture, fashion, contemporary art, fashion forecasting and all things white, the White Story was born.

The first chapter of the White Story is the White Shirt. The collection is defined by its attention to detail with an emphasis on tailoring.

We are unique by virtue of our passion and love for all things white, authentic and pure. White Story is about seasonless essentials that ignore traditional fashion cycles, trends and seasons.

In a world that is constantly being disrupted and where change is the norm, the Founder and CEO of White Story, Fiona Myer, is focused on stripping away the clutter that exists in the fashion world and bringing fashion back to its core, through a collection of pure white essentials.