Australian Skin & Body Care born of a long coastal heritage. 

RASP creator Catherine O'Byrne grew up in the small Australian coastal town of Sorrento, Victoria. Her ancestors arrived in Australia in the 1850's and lived and worked as Lighthouse Keepers in some of the most wild and remote locations on the Southern Ocean and Bass Strait coasts including Cape Nelson, Port Fairy, Queenscliff and Gabo Island.  They then commenced Lighthouse Keeping at McCrae on the Mornington Peninsula in the 1890's, establishing geographical continuity and an enduring generational connection to the Victorian coast.

Catherine grew up in a home of creative doers and makers.  The dining table was home to her mum's sewing machine while her step-dad worked from a large, cluttered work shed where he engineered anything and everything from wood and metal.  He was in constant demand for his fix-it skills and was a valued craftsman for couta boat making in Sorrento. This resulted in a never-ending arrival at the family home of seafarers and with them tales of life at sea.